Guilty pleasures win out over life insurance

Millions of Brits are choosing pursuing guilty pleasures rather than sorting themselves out with a life insurance policy.

A recent survey by Direct Line Insurance has revealed that 61% of adults across the country don’t have any life insurance, but they’re happy to spend hundreds of pounds a month on cigarettes or vaping, eating out, drinking or bingeing on fast food.

Disposable income

The report showed people have an average £1,067 a month disposable income after paying their tax and rent or mortgage commitments and they choose to spend it on a range of guilty pleasures.

Smokers or vapers could spend as much as £100 a month and drinkers are happy to spend around £69 a month at the pub or wine bar. Those who love fast food or take-aways fork out £58 a month and even caffeine lovers spend as much as £30 a month, almost £400 a year, on designer coffees.

Long term future

Direct Line’s Jane Morgan said: “Everyone loves to unwind at the weekend with a few drinks and their favourite takeaway meal, but it’s important not to get caught up in the day to day and think about your long-term future too.

“By making a few small sacrifices, like cutting back on a few coffees or choosing to make dinner at home once a month, rather than going out to eat, you can instead provide long-term financial protection for your family.


“It’s easy to say ‘I’ll think about that later’ or put it off for a rainy day, but it’s important to be prepared for your financial future, no matter what life may bring.

“Planning for your financial future can appear intimidating and it’s easy to put off especially when thinking about life insurance or critical illness cover, but some things aren’t as mind boggling or as expensive as you might think.”

What type of policy?

Deciding which type of policy would suit you best can appear a little daunting at first sight, but at Financial Protection Ltd we have friendly, knowledgeable staff who can help guide you.

None of us like to dwell on our own mortality, but leaving your loved ones without financial protection means they would struggle to cope.  But a straightforward level term life insurance policy will pay out an assured sum on your death and policies are available from as little as £5 a month.

We can help

Our staff are ready and willing to help you with your search for the correct policy by consulting our panel of top insurers including Royal London, Liverpool Victoria, Legal & General Vitality Health Life and One Family.

All they need to get them started is a phone call from you on 01925 552327 to give us a few details.  It’s a free service and absolutely without obligation.