Only 25% of UK households have life insurance

25 percent of uk households have life insurance

New figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) show that just 1 in 4 UK households are covered by life insurance. This is despite the fact that insurers are paying out £9 million a day to support families, helping them to cope with illness, injury or death of a loved one.

‘Protection gap’ puts 11.7 million families in peril

protection gap puts 11.7 million families in peril

New research shows that 11.7 million families are in danger of losing their homes because of an insurance ‘protection gap.’ Research by insurance company Aviva has found that almost 12 million UK families have no insurance cover in place to pay the bills if the main breadwinner either dies or becomes unable to work.

What can critical illness cover do for me?

what can critical illness cover do for me

The world of insurance can sometimes seem complex and confusing and not all types of policy are easily understood – amongst these is critical illness. In these financially stringent times most of us are careful how we spend our money and asking ‘what can critical illness cover do for me?’ is a sensible question.

PPI scandal leaves British families at risk

Protection has become a dirty word since the country became aware they had been ripped off for years by the great PPI mis-selling scandal. Now the distrust created by the episode is leaving thousands of British families at risk of being plunged into debt because they have no financial safety net.

How much life insurance do you need?

Have you any idea how much life insurance you need? Recent research suggests that many people who have taken out a life insurance policy have not taken enough to even cover the cost of their mortgage, let alone all the other demands which will be made on the payout.