Do you need critical illness cover?

critical illness

We all have many claims on our hard-earned salaries and we obviously like to get the best value from whatever we buy, so many of us don’t see the true value of something like critical illness insurance – until we need it.

When we are young we think we are invulnerable and nothing’s going to happen to us.  As we grow older it’s a thing we don’t like to dwell on, but the reality is inescapable. Continue reading “Do you need critical illness cover?”

Taking a chance with serious illness

Critical illness

While many of us hold life insurance to protect our families should the worst happen to us only a small number have any cover to protect them if serious illness doesn’t kill them but stops them working.

Recent research by Aviva has shown that, when we start to worry about our personal health, over half of us (58%) worry about being diagnosed with cancer with a third (34%) worrying about heart disease and almost the same number (32%) worrying about having a stroke. Continue reading “Taking a chance with serious illness”