How to choose life insurance

How to choose life insurance

If you have ever tried to work out which life insurance policy is best for you then you’ll know just how complicated a job it can be. You can be faced with a bewildering array of different products, all making different promises and, if you’re truthful, you don’t really understand any of it.

Benefit cuts could hit grieving families

Benefit cuts could hit grieving families

Changes to bereavement benefits could leave some grieving families up to £12,000 worse off. The changes were outlined in the Bereavement Support Payment Regulations paper which was voted through by MPs, despite receiving 4,000 letters opposing them.

Could you manage if you lost your income?

Could you manage if you lost your income

Have you ever thought what would happen if you lost your income?  Could you manage or would you be tumbling down the slippery slope into debt? You may be fortunate enough to be a dual income family, but if the main breadwinner came out of work could you manage on what you had left?

What can critical illness cover do for me?

what can critical illness cover do for me

The world of insurance can sometimes seem complex and confusing and not all types of policy are easily understood – amongst these is critical illness. In these financially stringent times most of us are careful how we spend our money and asking ‘what can critical illness cover do for me?’ is a sensible question.

PPI scandal leaves British families at risk

Protection has become a dirty word since the country became aware they had been ripped off for years by the great PPI mis-selling scandal. Now the distrust created by the episode is leaving thousands of British families at risk of being plunged into debt because they have no financial safety net.

Are you working without a safety net?

More and more families are choosing to protect their standard of living by taking out insurance which pays out a lump sum if either partner comes out of work through sickness, injury or even death. But experts say far too many families are still working without a safety net.

What about the kids?

When we think about taking out a new insurance policy we tend to think about making sure mum and dad are covered if the worst comes to the worst – but what about the kids? It’s not something we like to think about, but what would you do if your child became critically ill?