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Help make sure your family are financially protected with life insurance. Without protection you run the risk of leaving your loved ones struggling to cope financially if you were to die unexpectedly. We provide expert advice and tailored life insurance quotes from some of the UK’s top insurers.

For most of us, deciding on the right life insurance policy for us is not a simple job, which is where our friendly, knowledgeable staff at Financial Protection Ltd come in. They will be happy to discuss the best life cover for your needs by talking to you and then consulting our panel of top insurers. The service is free and with no obligation. All we need to get started are a few details — call us on 0800 103 2613.

What would your family do if the worst ever happened? Are you prepared for it? Life insurance is all about protecting yourself, your partner and your family against those “what if” situations. Having a policy in place which could pay out a cash sum if you die while the policy is in force, ensures peace of mind for you and protection for them and their future.

Most life insurance policies will pay out early if you are diagnosed with a Terminal Illness Policy with no more than 12 months to live – this is known as Terminal Illness Cover and is different and separate to Critical Illness Insurance. Certain exclusions may apply.

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Life Insurance: Term

Five Policy Types

Level Term Life Insurance

Critical Illness Cover

Mortgage Life Insurance (Decreasing Term)

Family Income Benefit

Index-Linked Life Insurance

Straightforward Life Insurance

Give your loved ones peace of mind from £5 a month

Level term Life Insurance pays out the amount of money (the sum assured) as originally requested when you take out the insurance. The price you pay and the monthly premiums are decided by the insurer before you start your policy, and for the duration of the policy the monthly premium will remain fixed.

Your level term Life Insurance will pay out if you were to die before the end of your policy, providing you are still paying the monthly premiums and is used most often to protect your family and/or to pay off an interest only mortgage….

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