Critical Illness Cover

Could your family cope financially if you became seriously ill?

It’s natural that we never expect a critical illness is going to happen to us. But it’s also true that a critical illness is likely to affect many people at some point in their lives. Critical illness cover is there should the worst happen to protect you and your family by easing the inevitable financial impact.

Loss of income due to long term illness and recovery from a critical illness severely impacts on the norms of family life and particularly family finances.

Critical illness cover can help pay off your mortgage or other debts, cope with the usual day to day bills and expenses or fund extra care and help in recovery from treatment. The least it does is relieve your worries and lets you and your family concentrate on getting you better.

Critical Illness cover from £6 per month

Critical illness cover is there to pay out a cash sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the specified critical illnesses covered by the policy during the length of your cover.

The types of illness generally covered are heart attack, stroke and cancer and many others. A full list of illnesses that your policy includes will be clearly identified at the outset. The amount of money that is paid out on these policies will depend on what type of policy you have.

Critical illness cover can often be added to Life Insurance policies. It may be cheaper to have a combined life and critical illness cover rather than having two separate policies.

Usually, once a claim is paid for critical illness the whole policy will stop and you will no longer need to pay premiums.

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