Mortgage Life Insurance

Get just the amount of cover you need with decreasing term life insurance

Our mortgage life insurance is a decreasing term life insurance. This means the policy covers you for a set term and pays out a lump sum if you die during the policy term. Decreasing term life insurance is specifically designed to cover the amount outstanding on your capital and repayment mortgage, where the amount you owe decreases year on year.

Very simply, the amount that your decreasing term life insurance covers you for goes down each year, but the premium you pay remains fixed.

Your decreasing term life insurance will pay out if you were to pass away before the end of your policy, providing you are still paying the monthly premiums. This type of life insurance can be used to pay off the outstanding balance of a repayment mortgage if you die before the policy ends.

Premiums from just £6 a month!

Protect your family and their home with mortgage life insurance. Without this protection your loved ones could be forced to move out of the family home if you were to die unexpectedly and they couldn’t keep up repayments on the mortgage or other debts.

Mortgage life insurance is there to pay out a cash sum to pay off your mortgage and other debts providing comfort to you and your family should the worse happen.

Why choose Decreasing Term Life Insurance?

  • We search our panel of leading insurers to find you the best deal
  • Pay for just the amount of cover you need
  • Pay-outs can be tax free and will avoid probate when written into trust
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