MetLife MultiProtect: Accident Protection

Even when life is running smoothly, the unexpected can happen. Living the life you love means freedom from worrying about what might happen if you’re injured in an accident or need to spend time in hospital. Accident protection insurance can give you that freedom.

From just £7 per month, you could have a greater level of financial security for you and your family. Contact us to find out whether this cover might be right for you.

Please note all policies are subject to policy terms and conditions. Exclusions and limitations apply.

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MultiProtect – At a glance

Why is MultiProtect right for me?

accident protect

Flexible cover when you need it

MultiProtect provides financial support for a range of specified accidental injuries and UK hospital stays. You can claim for multiple injuries and your policy will continue to protect you in the future.

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Great value

Cover starts from as little as £7 to £35 per month, depending on the level of protection you choose. Plus, the cost of your cover won’t change when you make a claim or as you get older.

accident protection insurance back on track

Getting you back on your feet

You will receive UK hospital cover for every 24 hours you spend as an in-patient as the result of an accident. Once you’ve had your policy for 12 months, you can also claim for time spent in hospital due to sickness.

accident protection insurance no medical

Cover, whatever your circumstances

We won’t ask you any health questions, no matter your age or health condition. You can take out this policy from 18 years old up to your 60th birthday and can continue cover up until your 70th.

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Peace of mind

Accidental death and funeral cover, to provide peace of mind if the worst happens.

Extended cover options

accident protection insurance whole family

Cover for the whole family

Extended Cover for all of your children from £1 per month. For children from the age of six months up until they’re 18, or up to 23 while they’re still in full-time education. Children do not need to live with the policyholder and if both parents select this additional cover, you’ll be able to protect your children twice.

accident protection insurance healthcare workers

Protecting Healthcare Workers

Extended Cover for UK Healthcare Workers from £1 per month.


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Accident Protection claims are honoured per month


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Accident Protection Insurance: Acceptance criteria & further information

Unlike term insurance, the acceptance criteria for the MetLife MultiProtect Plan (Accident Protection Insurance) is simple:

  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must be aged between 18 and 60 years old

The policy will cover you until the day of your 70th birthday

There are no medical questions but the following exclusions apply:

  • Broken bones resulting from any degenerative bone disorder. The plan does not cover broken noses.
  • Psychiatric illness, depression, mental or nervous disorders, or stress-related conditions.
  • Hospital cover starts after you have been in hospital for 24 hours and does not cover optional surgery ie.cosmetic surgery
MetLife MultiProtect – Brochure

Policy Summary & Terms and Conditions

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